Fact Elewa

Consultancy Services Unit

The Consultancy Services Unit specialises in providing external technical support in:

    • Project Proposals Development and Review services

    • Monitoring and evaluation of projects

    • Agriculture advisory services (Crops and Livestock)

    • Environment management

    • Outsourced research and data collection services, e.g. surveys

    • Diagnostics and pest management services
    • Specialised training courses in animal and plant Production

    • Conference technical documents packaging and facilitation services.

The Consultancies Unit has a network of external specialists as well as its own in-house specialists.
Note: Consultancies services are provided in Anglophone and Francophone regions


We are currently offering courses in:

DAIRY CATTLE MANAGEMENT :Offered to individuals and Groups. Our staff can come to you!

CHICKEN FARMING : Offered to individuals and Groups. Our staff can come to you!



Courses are on Saturday 9.00 am to 5.00pm with a one hour lunch break.

Each course is Kshs 2000. Booklet Kshs 700 or Kshs 500 for an e-book.


Dairy Production Training and Farm Visit will be held on Saturday 1 september 2012.

Morning 9am -12pm Theory
Afternoon 1pm -4pm Farm Visit
The Theory training will take place  in Westlands, Nairobi, Madonna House room 305.
Departure to the farm will be from Westlands to a Dairy farm in Thika

Topics to be covered:

  1. Zero Grazing: Structures and design.
  2. Breeds
  3. Feeds and Feeding: Fodder and Concentrates, Silage making
  4. Reproduction management: heat signs, A.I, Dry Cow management
  5. Calf (bulls and Heifers) management: Housing, Feeding, Disease prevention.
  6.  Dairy Cow Management: Feeding, milking, infertility, Diseases and Prevention.
  7. Benefits of Dairy Farming

Please register by calling Elewa Office 0706 624 605 or send an email to sarah@elewa.org