Elewa Biosciences organises two e-Conferences annually. The first e-Conference is held in June each year and is dedicated to Agricultural Biosciences (both crop and animals). The second e-conference is held in November featuring Biomedical, Environmental and Nutritional Health Sciences.

These e-Conferences provide excellent opportunities and avenues for scientists to showcase their outputs and ideas to colleagues, fellow scientists, the business community and funding agencies around the world at minimal cost since participation is purely online with no travel from their home countries. Thus no costs are incurred for travel, hotel accomodation, visa, etc. Different modes of publishing the presented materials are available. All abstracts are published in an online Book of Proceedings which is available on searchable databases and can be freely downloaded. In addition to abstracts, presentations are also exhibited on the internet in the form of powerpoint presentations, posters or short video. In addition each presentation can be written into a full paper which is subjected to rigorous peer review. Papers that pass review are published in either the online Journal of Applied Biosciences (ISSN 1997-5902) or the Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences (ISSN 2071-7024). A scientist can exhibit upto three (3) presentations for the e-conference, which can be published into three separate papers. Beginning 2009, scientists will have an opportunity to publish one of the papers as a chapter in an e-Book. Book titles will vary with theme of e-Conference. Check specific e-Conferences for details below.

The conferences are hosted on the internet at a dedicated space at www.e-conference.elewa.org. We welcome you to utilise these opportunities. Please follow the links below to view proceedings and publications of past e-conferences as well as details of current events.

4th International e-Conference on Agricultural Biosciences (IeCAB), 1 - 12 August , 2011.