Agriculture and Foods Business Unit

Key business areas include production and marketing of crop seeds, vegetative planting materials, marketing of crop and livestock production technologies e.g. pesticides, fertilisers, nutrient supplements, equipments, drugs, etc. Seeds and planting materials handled include:

    • Fruits, e.g. strawberry, Passion fruits, bananas
    • Herbs


Strawberry seedlings (Everbearing)@kshs 40 per plant

Passion Fruit seedlings are the Purple varierty, Yellow variety and Coast Yellow. They are Kshs 30 per plant.

Bananas seedlings are Grand nain, kampala, cooking varieties and sweet banana. They are Kshs 100 per plant.

Herbs available are thyme(creeping, lemon, common), sage , rosemary, lemon greass, margoram , Mint. Availability is limited and depends on type of herb. You can place an ORDER .

For mor information and purchase

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