4th International e-Conference on Agricultural BioSciences 2011
(IeCAB 2011)

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Foreword: The International e-Conference on Agricultural Biosciences (IeCAB) continues to provide a platform for scientists in developing countries to exhibit and publish their research outputs in an easy, facilitated and cost-effective manner. This is the 4th e-Conference since the launch of this initiative in 2008.  As in the previous years scientists have an opportunity to present their papers as power point slides or posters and eventually to publish the outputs as full papers in peer reviewed journals. All materials submitted to the e-Conference are archived online permanently. This ensures sustained visibility and presence on the web, with free access and download. We encourage scientists to utilise this innovative platform as they endeavour to take their careers to the next level.   The coordinators appreciate those who have submitted abstracts included in this volume. We welcome you to join us in the 5th e-Conference in mid-2012. You may also submit your papers for direct publications in the online Journal of Applied Biosciences ISSN 1997-5902; Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences ISSN 2071-7024 and Biosciences Research Images Journal, all accessible at www.m.elewa.org/journals.

Links to all outputs of this e-conference can be accessed at http://www.m.elewa.org/econferenceIeCAB.php. We welcome you to this e-conference and trust you will find something of value in your area of interest. Please let us know how we can make this initiative better. Send comments to publications@biosciences.elewa.org.

Links to individual abstracts are below.


Agahiu, A. E; Baiyeri, K. P. and R. O. Ogbuji. Correlation analysis of tuber yield and yield related characters in two cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) morphological-types grown under nine weed management systems in the Guinea savanna zone of Nigeria. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-404]

N.M. Kuboja1, A.M. Kalala1, M.Mrutu. Tobacco production baseline survey in Serengeti, Tarime and Rorya Districts, Mara region of Tanzania. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-406]

Agbo, C.U. Emergence and early growth of Gongronema latifolia in relation to sowing depth and date. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-409]

George Ouma. Application of intercropping to banana production in East Africa. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-422]


Moradzadeh Fatemeh, Moradzadeh Malihe , Ghasemi Bezdi Kamal. Investigation of callus formation and regeneration of Coker-312 cotton cultivar in vitro. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-401]

Idowu-Agida, O.O and Ajayi, E.O. Numerical variation of plant characters among long cayenne pepper accessions (Capsicum fructescens L.) [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-402]

Agbo, C.U. and Amaefula, Chinedozi. Selection of adaptable tomato varieties for production and breeding in an era of changing climatic conditions in Nsukka, Nigeria. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-410]

Ogero K.O, Gitonga N.M, Mwangi M, Ombori O. and Ngugi M. Varietal differences of two cassava varieties (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in response to low cost tissue culture technology. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-412]

Moradzadeh Fatemeh, Moradzadeh Malihe, Ghasemi Bezdi Kamal. Investigation on callus formation and regeneration of different explants of cotton cultivars in vitro. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-432]

Njeri Njau, Martha Kasyoka, M. Mwangi, R. Gathu, J. Mbaka, and R. Muasya. Potential challenges facing macropropagation technique in banana. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-416]

Agahiu, A. E; Baiyeri, K. P. and R. O. Ogbuji. Structural morphology of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) genotypes influences yield and yield components and responses to weed management in the Guinea savanna zone of Nigeria. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-403]

Martha R. Kasyoka, M. Mwangi, Gitonga M.N. Evaluating initial performance of macropropagated seedlings as compared to tissue culture and naturally regenerated suckers [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-418]


Carol Wangari, R. Gathu, M. Mwangi, J. Mbaka. Studies on complexity of the dieback disease of passion fruit in Kenya.[Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-413]

A.E. Agahiu, K.P. Baiyeri, R.O. Ogbuji and U.E. Udensi. Assessment of status, perception of weed infestation and methods of weed control adopted by cassava farmers in Kogi state, Nigeria. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-405]

Ruth Kahuthia-Gathu. Seasonal incidence of Plutella xylostella (Lepidoptera: Plutellidae) and its associated natural enemies in major crucifer growing areas of Kenya. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-411]

Carol Wangari and Maina Mwangi. Proposed disease severity assessment scale for dieback disease of passion fruit in Kenya. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-414]

Ambele, F.C., Billah, M. K., Afreh-Nuamah, K. and Obeng-Ofori, D. Susceptibility of four mango varieties to the Africa Invader Fly, Bactrocera invadens Drew, Tsuruta & White (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Ghana. [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-433]

AKOTO, S.H., BILLAH, M.K., AFREH- NUAMAH, K. & OWUSU, E.O. The effect of fruit fly larval density on some quality parameters of mango [Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-434]

NBOYINE, J.A., BILLAH, M.K. & AFREH- NUAMAH, K. Species composition of fruit flies from mango orchards in three ecological zones in Ghana[Read Abstract No. IeCAB011-435]


Ojetayo A. E.; J.O. Olaniyi.; W. B. Akanbi.; T. I.Olabiyi. Effect of fertilizer types on nutritional quality of two cabbage varieties before and after storage.[Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-423]

Immaculee Nyampinga, B. Mochoge, I. Osuga and E. R. Gasore. The effect of method, rate and time of urea application on nitrogen use efficiency and yield of wetland rice in Rwamagana district of Rwanda. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-431]

Agbo, C.U. Chukwudi, P.U. and Ogbu, A. N. Influence of rates of organic manure and frequency of application on growth, yield and some biochemical composition of Solanum melongena L (cv, Ngwa local). [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-408]

Olive Tuyishime, Benjamin Danga, Charles Karemangingo. Effects of bio-slurry and inorganic fertilizers on soil properties and maize yield in Kicukiro district, Rwanda. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-425]

Athanase Nduwumuremyi, Benjamin O.Danga, Vicky Ruganzu, Muasya Rueben. Evaluation of different local lime sources on soil properties and yield of Irish potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) in Burera District, Rwanda. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-426]

Njeri Njau, M. Mwangi, R. Gathu, N. Kori and R. Muasya. Mineral deficiency in production of banana seedlings. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-415] [View Powerpoint presentation]

Maurine A. Onyango, Benjamin O. Danga and Martins Odendo. Effect of BNF, lime and inorganic fertilizer on soil nitrogen and grain yields of soybean-maize intercrop on acidic soils of Kakamega County. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-427]

Muambole, Arlindo, Benjamin O. Danga, Magalhães M. Amade, Reuben M. Muasya. Efficiency of integrated incorporation of manure and mineral fertilizers on maize yield in acidic soils of Beira Corridor, Mozambique. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-428]

Jackson S. Abuli, J. Mugwe and D. Mugendi. Determination of effects of phosphorus sources and starter nitrogen on soil properties and soybean yield in Central highlands of Kenya. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-429]

Ojetayo A. E.; J.O. Olaniyi. Effect of fertilizer types on the growth and yield of two cabbage varieties. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-424]

Kamau Mercy. N, B. Mochoge and Keith Shepherd. Study of the mineralogy of Africa’s soils as a predictor of soil fertility. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-430]


N.M. Kuboja, S. Kazyoba, D. Lwezaura, B.M.L. Namwata. Adoption and impact of tobacco recommended varieties among smallholder farmers in Tabora region. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-407]

Martha R. Kasyoka, Mwangi M, Kori N, Mbaka J, Gitonga N. Banana farming and rural livelihoods in central and eastern regions, Kenya. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-417]

Mugambi, D., K. and Mugambi, J.N. Challenges of livestock projects implementation by communities: The case of Meru goat breeding project. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-420] [View Powerpoint presentation]

Anthony Kibuka, Mbataru N, F. Mwangi.The impact of marketing factors on profitability of smallholder dairy farmers in Nyeri County. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-421]

Mugambi, D. K, Wambugu, S.K., Gitunu, A.M.M, Maina, M. Characterization of dairy cow farms in the eastern central highlands of Kenya. [Read Abstract No.IeCAB011-419] [View Powerpoint presentation]