4th International e-Conference on Agricultural Biosciences (IeCAB 2011)

Welcome to the 4th e-conference

Dates: 1 - 12 August 2011, Click Here to view all the presentations!!!

Proceedings IeCAB 2011 (Abstracts pdf format)

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Objectives of this e-Conference

The International e-Conference on Agricultural BioSciences intends to reduce the cost of participation in conferences, and thereby increase participation and visibility of scientists especially from developing countries who might lack financial resources and opportunities to participate in conferences away from their home countries. This e-Conference provides a most cost-effective opportunity for professionals in agro-biosciences (both fundamental and applied) to interact, share and exchange their outputs and impacts, as well as showcase their business products and ideas to their peers, colleagues and clients including the academic and research community and development/funding agencies across the world. Publication and archiving of the proceedings on the internet and in diverse media (Journal articles, Book of proceedings, Posters or powerpoint presentation) enhances the reach and visibility of participants and their work globally. The 1st IeCBEN was held in 2008 and the second one in 2009. View the proceedings and publications of IeCAB 2008 and IeCAB 2009 through the links provided below.

  • Plant Sciences: Agronomy, Breeding, Nutrition, Genetic Conservation, Soil Sciences; Post harvest processing and storage technologies; Biotechnology (transgenic crops, varieties for changing climate); Crop Protection (Mycology, Bacteriology, Virology, Nematology, Entomology, Weed management); Enhanced protein, vitamins and micronutrient content; Organic farming; Special value crops (Vegetables , fruits, flowers, medicinal plants, etc); Dry land farming; Landscaping concepts and technologies
  • Animal Sciences: Nutrition; Health (Drugs and vaccines) and emerging threats (e.g. bird flu); Breeding; Organic farming; GMOs; Aquaculture
  • Associated Technologies and Innovations: Information and communication technology in Agriculture; Engineered farm structures and equipments; Extension support and technology transfer; GIS applications; Packaging and transportation technologies; Irrigation systems; Policy framework, regional networks, etc
  • Economics and management resources: Trade and Markets; Input supply chains; Product Labeling and traceability; International trade agreements, subsidies
How to participate

Every participant will be required to register by sending an email to secretary@e-conference.elewa.org with carbon copy to sarah@elewa.org or publications.biosciences@gmail.com. Once registered a participant should send materials to be exhibited as an MS Word abstract and additionally as either poster, powerpoint presentations (max 15 slides) or a short video (10 min). Participants are further encouraged to develop their presentations for publication as full peer reviewed papers in the online Journal of Applied Biosciences (ISSN 1997-5902) or the Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences (ISSN 2071-7024). A scientist can exhibit upto three (3) presentations for the e-conference, which can be published into three separate papers.Scientists may alternatively publish one paper as a chapter in the following proposed e-Book at no extra cost.

TITLE: Applying science for sustainable agriculture: experiences in developing countries

ASSIGNED ISBN: 978-9966-7415-4-2


Language: Participants can make their contributions in English and French. The conference secretariat will endeavor to translate abstracts and posters to English.

Cost of participation

The cost of participation in this e-Conference is minimal since there is no travel, accommodation, per diem, or visa costs involved. The only cost for participants will be registration fees of USD 150 per person, which will cover processing, online exhibition, web-hosting and archiving expenses as well as publication of UPTO THREE full papers in the Journals named above.

Links to proceedings and publications of IeCAB 2008 and IeCAB 2009 are below.

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