To increase knowledge and understanding of African Agriculture, Environment and Health issues through provision of knowledge generation, analysis and communication services, reaching everyone interested in Africa’s development.


To be the leading and preferred provider of services that increase knowledge and understanding of Agriculture, Environment and Health issues in Africa.  


To enhance the contribution of knowledge to Africa’s development.

Areas of operation

ELEWA will work with government and non-government stakeholders in Agriculture, Environment and Health livelihood sectors, maintaining a presence in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, D.R. Congo and South Sudan.


  1. Provide a channel for publication of research outputs by scholars in Africa in the areas of Agriculture, Health and Environment, specifically those highly valuable but considered as Gray (grey) literature, and thus lacking formal dissemination channels. This will consist of documentary material that is not commercially published, typically composed of technical reports, manuals and booklets, working papers, business documents, conference proceedings and dissertations.
  2. Provide professional research and technical services in the areas of Agriculture, Health and Environment to fulfil specific knowledge needs of our clients. Clients will include non-governmental development organisations (donors and project implementers), local and international learning institutions, governmental institutions, and private entrepreneurs. Services include development and review of proposals for funding, surveys and specialised research activities, project monitoring and evaluation, organizing training and demonstrations in specialised subject matter, and development of communications and training curricula and resources (booklets, manuals, posters, brochures, CD and web info packages).
    • Non-governmental development organisations (donors and NGOs);
    • Local and international learning institutions;
    • Governmental research, regulatory or policy institutions;
    • Private entrepreneurs.


  • Development and review of proposals for funding,
  • Surveys and specialised research activities,
  • Project monitoring and evaluation services;
  • Training and demonstrations in specialised subject matter;
  • Developing communications and training resources (Curricula, booklets, manuals, posters, brochures, CD, websites).
  1. Initiate discussions on topical issues and provide an electronic forum through which dialogue can take place, ensuring fair and balanced participation of a wide array of stakeholders; and capturing the outcomes of these discussions for wide dissemination and future references.
  2. Maintaining a knowledge bank of technologies that will enhance development of Agriculture, Environment and Health sectors in Africa. 

In carrying out the above functions, ELEWA upholds the following values:

  • Honesty and integrity.
  • Innovation, creativity and imagination.
  • Accountability and transparency.
  • Equity and honour to individual and shared effort.
  • Respect to ethics and morals before profit.