Elewa Biosciences hosts an electronic book publishing platform through which scientists can publish text books in all areas of biological sciences. The textbooks will be primarily published electronically, but can also be printed on demand.

We are inviting scientists to submit their proposals for writing text books in their areas of specialisation. Our editorial office will allocate all books a unique ISBN identifier and will take repsonsibility for formatting and editing.

The costs for publishing a book are affordable, currently 200 USD for electronic publication of an entire book of upto 250 pages. Smaller books of upto 50 - 100 pages can be published at 150 USD.

For the electronic format of the book, there is no limit on graphic content (colour images). However, when a book is to be printed (hard copy) the colour images and/or other graphic materials will be compiled into a CD/DVD which will accompany the book. This is to limit the cost of publication.

For more information write topublications@biosciences.elewa.org or publications.biosciences@gmail.com.

E-Books For sale: New!!

Chicken Farming : A Farmers HandBook

Dairy Farming : A Farmers Handbook

For purcahse details contact us at sarah@elewa.org or 0706 624 605


The books below have been published and can be accessed through the shown links:

1. Book Title: Contribution of Agricultural Sciences towards achieving the Millenium Development Goals

Publisher: Elewa Biosciences

Assigned ISBN: 978-9966-7415-1-8

Click here to open the E-Book December 2010.


2. Book Title: Developing agricultural extension capacity in Kenya: Experiences of Kenyatta University Interns in the Farmer Voice Radio Project.

Publisher: FaCT Publishing Ltd, Kenya.

Assigned ISBN: 978-9966-7415-3-4

Click here to open the E-Book .